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Make your garden go back in time

Did you used to have a nice garden before it became littered with rogue branches and piles of leaves? The Garbage Guys can help you get your garden back to the way it was, a garden you were proud of!

What is garden waste?

Garden waste, sometimes known as “biological waste,” is any compostable organic waste. Garden garbage, such as grass clippings or leaves, and home or industrial cooking wastes make up the majority of it. Dried leaves, pine straw, and hay are not included in the definition of green waste.
By now, most people will have green bins to dispose of garden waste, but if you’re considering calling us, there’s a good chance you may have a lot of garden waste, however, there’s only so much garden waste that can fit in these bins, but we can help with that.
What counts as garden waste?
  • Leaves and flowers
  • Grass and weeds
  • Tree bark and pruned branches
  • Clippings and twigs
  • Home-grown fruit or vegetables

What we can do

Our professional garden waste clearance service offers an affordable, efficient and tidy way for you to clear and transform your garden. We can clear most garden waste such as soil, hedge trimmings, grass, barbecues, heaters and lawnmowers. Our well-trained and professional teams will clear any waste you have directly from your garden to our collection vans, taking care of all heavy lifting involved. Call 01234 638 693 or get a quote today.
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