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Who are we?

The Garbage Guys are a highly motivated and well-trained team that can handle many jobs in a variety of settings while remaining environmentally conscious by recycling or reusing as many of the materials gathered as possible.

A bit more about us

Whether you need your garden , business or home cleared, we are rubbish removal experts who will remove your rubbish and sweep your junk away as fast and efficiently as possible.

Our junk removal services provide exceptional value for money, and we always do our utmost best to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner, thanks to our years of experience in the business.

We will make it our responsibility to provide a simple, effective, and convenient service, and we will make every effort to ensure that all trash is collected, removed, and recycled or repurposed whenever possible.

Our 5 core values

We believe our core values really make us stand out above the competition.
Our core values are incredibly important to us and how The Garbage Guys do things.
Our core values are:
  • Professionalism – we will always act in a professional manager when on the job
  • Environmentalism – Most of the waste we clear is recycled and repurposed
  • Simplicity – we don’t overcomplicate the job. We get in, get the job done, get out
  • Cost-efficiency – We offer very fair rates to our customers and we’re cheaper than skip hire
  • Dedication – Whatever the job, we give our all, leaving no stone unturned

Let The Garbage Guys Take Care Of Your Waste

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